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SSRW and Other Parodies [entries|friends|calendar]
SSRW and Other Parodies

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Because I'm pretty, and funny, and smart, and because you all love me and respect me and do as I say... I say: 'JOIN THIS COMMUNITY RIGHT HURRRR"

zac_efron_love That's right. zac_efron_love It's a new community that is looking for active *cough* but mostly obsessive members. Hmmkay? Look at the pretty banner.


JOIN zac_efron_love!!

So clickeh and join. Puh-lee-eaze! Yes, before you kill me, I will update sometime this lifetime. =P

Hmmmm []

Just making a quick postie here to make sure this doesn't die. Haha. I should write up some paradies myself -shifty-

Anyway. Uhm... I miss the writing. Has anyone caught up all the SSRW stuff here or can I go and post a bunch of that in here?


New Layout! []

As you can see, I've decided to switch to this layout. It's S2 Flexible Squares and it's House. Enjoy! ^_^

Title: Beginning of Destruction: Part Three
Rating: G.

Or Si could put her in an asylum with padded walls that sang whenever you ran into them.Collapse )

Title: The Beginning of Destruction: Part Two
Rating: G. For now.

Cross dressing government officials!Collapse )

New Community Layout! []

Title is exactly what I mean. If you don't like Snoopy and Woodstock, get over it. :P

EDIT: Because Sierra's the world's most picky child I switched to this one.

The GoF Smoothie [and Other Produce] War of DOOM []
>.> Last post for today, I swear. unlessiwritesomethingaboutturkeys.

This post is mainly for Anila and Backslash since it was the three of us with Megz for .2 seconds. I made this post in my own journal a while back, so Backslash is titled Steve for quite obvious reasons.

Comment before posting: Good lord I was anal about the naming system.

*Throws entire inventory of Pie and Smoothies at Steve* COME BACK!! AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!!!Collapse )

Hmm... []

Yeah, who wants a layout change for the community? Tell me here and I'll start looking! :D

Funnies Part Deux: The Hunt for Kitteh []
After the last entry, now we travel a few hours into the future.

Out of all the things to grab on the armor, you grab the only thing that won't make a sound.Collapse )
Ah, what a way for two friends to meet. Sadly that is all we have saved for the encounter. In the end, it was Jaren who found Tobias in the Great Hall. Reas never got a chance to thank him, so here's the cheesy thanks, "Thank you!" :D

More funnies: Boom Baby! []
This happened at the end of last term. I was quite amused with this and still crack up and remember the plots Amaris and I had thought up at three in the morning. :D

Boom Baby YEAH!Collapse )

Ama and I were talking last night about old time memories and we reminsced on a few of them. Jack, Burtis, Tobias ... actually, we didn't discuss Tobias O.O *pets the kitty* Anyway, we decided to go through our old e-mails and LJ posts to find the funnies, since we saved them. :D Here is one from last term, or the beginning of this term. I can't remember which. *blinkblink*

You have demons around you! You must be cleansed!Collapse )

The Beginning of Destruction [Parody] []
This is one of the many memories I have shared with the girls. Although this is only the first part of many, it is a bit short, but there will be more written in the next few weeks, perhaps months, so they will add together. I hope that makes sense. My funny bone isn't as grand as Ama's, but I'll do my best to bring the same humor that she does.

Title: The Beginning of Destruction: Part One
Rating: G. For now.
Humor Level: *

behold the power of .... um?Collapse )

*clears throat* []
It has been almost a month since there has last been an update here, ladies (and single male). *bats eyelashes at Amaris* Who am I going to have to kill at Uni so you will have time to write?

While I'm here .. *does a jig* Okay, no, that wasn't my actual reason, is it possible for me to write a parody and post it? >.>

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: A Parody []

Hey! So, here is a promised Parody. Yes, it is on Goblet of Fire. I figured the time was more than appropiate since the movie is coming out next month. *SQUEE*. So here is what I have so far to entertain you. I shall either edit in this entry or...just post another entry with more updates.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: A Parody
By: Amaris_chaos

Chapter One: Voldemort’s Marshmallows
Chapter Two: That Bloody Fuckin’ Scar!
Chapter Three: Party at my hizzhouse!
Chapter Four: Back to the happy shithole
Chapter Five: Pimps-R-Us
Chapter Six: Booty Call
Chapter Seven: Dumb and Dumber
Chapter Nine: Official Tattoo
Chapter Ten: Shit Happened
Chapter Eleven: Riding the Choo Choo Train
Chapter Twelve: The Gaywizard Tournament
Chapter Thirteen: Three-testicles Moody
Chapter Fourteen: The Unforgivable Hoes
Chapter Fifteen: Bigbatons and Damnstrong
Chapter Sixteen: The Goblet of Fried Chicken
Chapter Seventeen: The Four Bastards
Chapter Eighteen: The Weighing of Extremities
Chapter Nineteen: The Hungry Horned Bastard
Chapter Twenty: Crap! Already?
Chapter Twenty-One: The House-Elves Gone Wild
Chapter Twenty-Two: Say What, Bitch?!
Chapter Twenty-Three: The Balls
Chapter Twenty-Four: Rita Skeeter’s Mistake
Chapter Twenty-five: The Birds and The Bees
Chapter Twenty-six: Not this shit again!
Chapter Twenty-seven: Bigfeet returns
Chapter Twenty-eight: The Perversity of Mr. Crouch
Chapter Twenty-nine: The Wet Dream
Chapter thirty: That Swirly Silver Stuff
Chapter Thirty-One: Thank God this crap is over…NOT!
Chapter Thirty-Two: Food, Babes and Boners
Chapter Thirty-Three: Them Big Black Dudes
Chapter Thirty-four: Priori…aww fuck it!
Chapter Thirty-five: Crazy Shit
Chapter Thirty-six: The Breaking of the Winds
Chapter thirty-seven: The Beginning of the End

Summary: It’s Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts and all sort of new crazy shit happens. Harry’s been having scary dreams involving zombie marshmallows, Voldemort in pink bunny pajamas and La Macarena? The damn fuckin’ scar is hurtin’ him again. Ron has gone gangsta and there is nothing Harry can do about it besides “just deal”. Quidditch is as awesome as ever if only Hermione would stop bitching. There is weird ass tournament going on and Harry gets dragged into it without meaning to. There is a new Professor with a very weird characteristic and he is not afraid to brag about it either! The House Elves create a new sort of revolution and much more but you’re going to have to read because I am not telling you everything dammit.

CutAwesomeLjCutCutCutCuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutCollapse )

To be Continued...


[ mood | apathetic ]

The almighty layout whore decided that she didn't like the last layout too much so she put in this one instead.

Episode Two of SSRW []

[ mood | awake ]

Here is Episode Two. I hope you enjoy it. :P

Now for my spiffy LJ cut SKILLZ

SSRW2Collapse )

Comment or...well, die if you like. *huffs*


[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey guys! This is Sierra, one of your maintainers. As you can see, I've hooked up the community with a layout for now. This layout is temporary until I find a better one and when I come off of hiatus.


[ mood | amused ]

Yaaaah. Here it is. Episode One. Now, all those old fans you guys already read this but I have to post it anyways. Duuuuuuuuuuur.

SSRW1Collapse )

Ha! There it is. I hope you all enjoyed it. Comment please you beautiful lovely strangers.

Hey hey hey! []


Hey all. Welcome to SSRW and Other Parodies. I have no idea how you got here. You may either consider yourself lucky or unlucky, or both really. I assume you read the userinfo where it says what this community is all about but just in case you forgot/didn't want to/is technologically challenged and is just clicking on random buttons I'll explain all over again and waste my precious brain cells.

SSRW stands for Snitchseeker Real World. Now you're probably wondering what the hell is snitchseeker? That's snitchseeker.com silly head person. If you're a Harry Potter fan you should have known that. If you didn't. Get the fudge out fool. Real World is a reality show owned by MTV. Yeah that MTV that no longer shows music videos.

It all started one day while I was joking around with Reas ( fallenrosetearz ) and Ashlie ( ashlienl ) about how would it be if certain SS members were to be stuck in a house together. I made a few jokes which were found slightly amusing and so it turned into this whole mania where people got drowned in pools of chocolate pudding, panties were stolen and held for ransom, heads were shaved, people were groped and molested and whips were used. HOW KINKEH!!

The reason for why it no longer is posted in SS is pretty obvious now, huh? Now for the "Other Parodies" part of the community name. That's right. I like to write parodies. I am going to start on a Goblet of Fire parody and have plans on working on a Bleach (that's anime beeatches!) and Artemis Fowl one as well. You are all more than welcome to join, comment, make icons and fanart and...become crazy horny fans and stuff. Just...DON'T STEAL MY WORK. For the love of Cheddar Cheese I beg of you. Yeah, my stuff isn't like best-seller worthy but I still put a lot of work into it. My purpose is to amuse only.

So...keep your grubby paws (in this case your copy/paste abilities *stares at your mouse*) away from my writing. If anyone posts icons and drawings, make sure it is okay with the maker before you take anything. CREDIT AND NO HOTLINKING. I can NOT stress that enough. Don't be an uncool dork and hotlink because that is so not cool and I will have to stalk your ass and kill you. K? K? K?!



EDIT1: It would be totally awesome if you were to comment here and tell us how you found the community.

EDIT2: Oh Oh Oh! Yeah and if you could friend us, that would so rock my pretty frilly socks.

EDIT3: In case you're all wondering. Reas is prounced "Reese" not "Ray-us" or "Ray-ass". Common mistake. Hilarious. But so not appreciated by the wonderful Llama.

P.s only I can call her Llama. Frig off strangers.

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